PURELIGHT™ 300W Infrared Home Therapy Station

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The Future of Skincare

Get real results with FDA cleared devices. Used by top hollywood celebrities, red light therapy is the best-kept secret of the for better skin health and appearance.

  • Treat Rosacea

  • Wrinkles & Lines Appear Faint

  • Muscle Recovery Assistance

  • Eczema Treatment

  • Psoriasis Treatment

 How Does It Work?

Vital red light uses therapeutic Red and Near-Infrared (NIR) wavelengths to penetrate deep into your skin and body for wonderful healing benefits. As your body soaks up the natural light, your mitochondria become activated in producing energy for a wide range of functions. 


Type: Therapy Light
Color: Red
Light source power: 300 (W)
Actual power: 95w+ -5w
Voltage: AC85-265V (V)
Number of lamp beads: 60pcs 5w dual core
Lens angle: 30 degrees
Size: 260X210X65 (mm)

Package Content:
1 x Red Light Therapy 300W Home Skincare Station