Don't Just Mask The Pain - Heal The Source of Your Pain

With Purelight Personal Therapy

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"It's been a blessing to finally find pain relief that works! My knee pain is literally gone!"

"I've struggled with knee and back pain for years and over the past few months it got a lot worse.

I mainly used ibuprofen for my pain but it was hard on my stomach and didn't take the pain away. I was even prescribed Vicodin by my doctor but it made it impossible to concentrate and I was really worried I'd get addicted to them.

I decided to look for alternatives and I was super excited when I found Purelight! Their Flex pad seemed like the best option for me since it's the most versatile and it shipped fast in 5 days.

It's so easy to use and very soothing and relaxing. It really feels amazing! You just put it on wherever you have pain and relax for 20 minutes! The deep healing really does work. I can feel pain melting away.

Overall it's changed how I view my pain and truly been life changing! I can run up and down stairs now, I can bend and lift things up so much easier! I've even started going back to my local cyclebar once a week!"

"It's simply amazing how powerful it is! My pain was gone just like that!"

Anne K. | Fort Wayne, IN

"Game changer for sure! I like using mine before I go to bed and right when I get up."

Pete A. | Madison, WI

"The Flex Pad is my favourite because it's flexible. The 300W is for my neck too."

Marilyn H. | North Hempstead, NY