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Transform Your Health with Our Home Therapy Devices

If you're struggling with lower back pain or sciatic nerve pain, our home therapy devices are here to help. Our specially formulated treatment devices are designed to relieve pain and inflammation, so you can get back to your daily life!

Thousands of Americans Are Switching

It's the easiest therapy right at home. 10 minutes every morning and I feel great all day!

Anna A.

I love thier home therapy devices and I feel amazing after using them!

Jon B.

Never going back to PT ever again. Feeling super healthy and savings so much money!

Kathy S.

I've worked construction for 30+ years and have a bad back. Purelight was truly a game changer. I can finally golf again!

Brain Z.

It really works wonders on my joints and pain areas. I'm so glad I got one!

Debbie J.

"Purelight changed my life"

"I've suffered from lower back sciatic nerve pain for over 2 years. Purelight's wrap changed my life! My pain was so much more managable throughout the day when I used it. I could bend over and sit down a lot easier. After just 3 weeks of use I got out of bed and was shocked when I relized the pain was gone! It felt so amazing and I finally felt free from back pain! I really love it because it gives off relaxing heat just like my heat pads that I always used to use! It's easy to use and doesn't take too long, only 20 minutes. I would recommend anyone with back pain or sciatic nerve pain to try this pad!"

-Debbie J | Purelight customer since 2020